Dream Interpretation & Mentoring

Dreams may appear to be strange and incomprehensible but they can unlock deeper meaning and connect us to our identity and purpose.

Ancient Hebraic methods help us to interpret the spiritual meaning of dreams to guide, comfort and inform us for life's journey.  They can connect us to the heart of the One who created us and has given us purpose.

If you need a dream interpreted or would like to learn how to interpret your own dreams, get in touch below. 
Small group mentoring sessions also available.



Dream interpretation - £5 per dream of 500 words or less

Dream Mentoring - 30 min 1-2-1 @ £15 per session  (5 sessions can be purchased in advance at £70)
Dream Mentoring - 1 hour 1-2-1 @ £30 per session (5 sessions can be purchased at in advance £140)

Group Sessions - from £5 per person per hour
dependent on number of attendees and venue cost if applicable

Limited number of concessionary sessions available

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